• Shavonnda Farquharson

The Calm Bride, Yes it's Possible!

The wedding budget that you have exceeded, crazy family members and in-laws, growing guest lists, appointments with vendors and you still haven't picked a venue. Even if you have surpassed all of that, the wedding day is approaching full speed ahead, so there may be other issues like last minute changes, back up plans to implement, mapping out your "Day-Of" Coordination.

I look into the eyes of my client's and tell them, "You got this! I got this! We've got this! Usually with them gulping a shot of Rum. Either way wedding planning can be overwhelming. It can be mentally, emotionally, financially and physically draining for most people.

In the mix of all of this, take care of you! If there's no You, then there's not wedding. Change up your daily routines, meditate, hydrate yourself and be sure to stick with those who have your best interests in heart. Remember, this is you and your hearts desires Big Day - No One Else's. Don't let anyone ruin your day!

Breathe, Smile & Be Sassy!